My Manufacturing and Fitting Polytunnels

Q. Should my tunnel be facing North or South?

A. In my opinion it does not matter as long as      your light is not blocked by trees or buildings

Q. Does it take long to fit from the time of order?

A. 4-8 weeks from the time the deposit is      received

Q. Will I have to supply my own door?

A. No, we supply a door at both ends with hinges     and locks

Q. Do I need raised beds?

A. That is up to you, but we supply raised beds if      you so desire!

Q. Can my tunnel be fitted on a concrete yard?

A. Yes, that can be done!

Q. I would love a polytunnel but I don’t know how to      fit one!

A. No Problem, we supply and fit!

Q. We get severe wind on our site, will it get blown      away?

A. If a tunnel is fitted correctly, it will stand up to     severe winds

Q. Do I get a guarantee with my tunnel?

A. I will give one year guarantee on frame and     plastic with winds up to 100 km per hour when     fitted by us.

Q. My site is on a slope will that be OK?

A. Yes, we can fit tunnels on gradients up to 10     degrees

Q. I have a great spot for my tunnel but it is uneven     and overgrown.

A. No Problem, we have a range of excavators! We     do site clearance and cut back trees if     necessary!