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Hi, I'm Paul.


I have always been fascinated by the possibilities that a polytunnel can offer to both amateur and professional gardeners alike. The ability to extend the growing season, protect plants from harsh weather conditions and pests, and create a controlled environment for cultivation are just a few of the benefits that a polytunnel can provide.

With my background in carpentry and my deep love for gardening, starting a business in polytunnel construction was a natural step for me. I have spent years honing my skills and perfecting my craft, and I am excited to put that experience to work for my customers.

I believe that a well-built and properly maintained polytunnel can be an invaluable asset to any gardener. My goal is to provide my customers with high-quality, long-lasting polytunnels that will help them achieve their gardening goals.

Whether you're a professional farmer looking to expand your crop production, a hobby gardener looking to extend your growing season, or anyone in between, I am confident that I can provide you with the perfect polytunnel for your needs.

I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support, and I am always available to answer any questions you may have. So if you're in need of a polytunnel, don't hesitate to contact me.

Family Run Business

10+ Years Experience

Excellent Quality

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